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The key to success is understanding where you are today. It is essential to have a way of measuring and analyzing the organization. The MRI Benchmark provides clarity by offering insight into your business. This data-driven approach, combined with open-ended feedback from employees, enables leaders to act on what is vital for growth and improvement.

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The Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) is a measurement tool that sparks collaboration and creativity among leaders and employees to create a customer-centric culture, cultivate innovation, optimize the experience for customers, and ultimately achieve superior results.

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"A strong Customer Culture is to business performance as breathing is to living"

Dr Linden Brown

What Is The MRI?

Like a medical MRI, the business MRI enables you to look inside your business to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve future organizational fitness and profitability.

The MRI is an employee assessment and engagement tool that allows you, as a leader, to benchmark 8 disciplines & gain insights into what needs to be improved.

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As a departmental leader do you want to achieve a faster and sustainable path to superior departmental performance?

As a Marketing or CX leader are you looking to achieve higher customer retention and revenue growth from superior customer experience?

As a People & Culture leader do you want to strengthen organizational culture by linking employees to customers and the business?

As a Learning & Development leader are you wanting to build stronger customer-centric leadership capabilities that drive future business performance?

As a Strategy leader are you looking to achieve effective strategy implementation through employee alignment and customer engagement?

As a CEO or Executive are you looking to deliver a faster and sustainable roadmap to future profit and revenue growth?

As a Consultant do you need to provide unique solutions for your clients?

As a board member are you looking to identify new ways of building shareholder value through retention of customers?

Measure & Strengthen your organization or team's capabilities by using the Market Responsiveness Index (MRI)

Below are the 8 key practice disciplines and their correlation to future business performance. What are your organization’s strengths and weaknesses?

These 8 disciplines are proven to drive the corresponding business performance outcomes.

The MRI measures 8 practice disciplines proven to drive future business performance

5 externally oriented behaviors:

5 externally oriented behaviors:

Customer Insight

This measures the extent to which employees monitor, understand, and act on current customer needs and satisfaction.

Customer Foresight

This measures the extent to which employees anticipate customer needs, recognize unspoken needs, consider future needs and take action to satisfy them.

Competitor Insight

This measures the extent to which employees monitor, understand, and act on current competitor activities and take action to incorporate these in their actions to improve customer experience.

Competitor Foresight

This measures the extent to which employees identify and consider possible future competitors and how they might affect the value that will be offered in the future.

Peripheral Vision

The extent to which employees monitor understand and respond to trends in the larger environment (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal).

Enabling Behaviors

Enabling Behaviors


The extent to which employees are able to make decisions that are best for the customer without the explicit approval of senior leaders.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

This measures the extent to which employees interact and collaborate cross-functionally. This includes spending time with people from other work groups, taking a cross- functional perspective, sharing information, and inviting contributions.

Strategic Alignment

This measures the extent to which employees understand, attend to, and enact the vision, mission, objectives and strategic direction of the company in their day-to-day activities, specifically focusing on the customer.

How is the MRI™ implemented?

The MRI is a web-based employee assessment that is deployed to participants in the organization, a department or a team to gain feedback

The MRI is easy to administer, simple and intuitive to complete, and extremely effective in delivering understandable, detailed and actionable findings for leaders seeking to drive business performance in their companies.

The MRI is fully automated and can be facilitated by anyone in your company. You have the ability to deploy the assessment and produce the report on line instantly. Why delay - act NOW

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