Unleash the Potential of your Organization, Department or Team with the MRI Benchmark

“The missing link between Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction”

Embed Customer-Centric Behaviors with a methodology that has been 

proven to work

Gain Invaluable Insights From Employees to Uncover Obstacles Hindering Performance

Enhance Performance in Critical Areas Including Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Product Success, 

and Profitability.

Cultivate a Culture For Continuous Improvement, Unlocking New Opportunities

For Long-Term Success

What is The MRI?


Like a medical MRI, the business MRI enables you to look inside your business to identify:

  • The internal strengths your employees possess
  • The weaknesses employees lack in customer-centricity
  • Opportunities to improve future organizational fitness and
  • Overall business profitability.


The MRI Benchmark platform provides a comprehensive assessment solution for gathering employee feedback,
identifying areas of improvement and driving business success, with an emphasis on customer-centricity.


Tested and Proven.

Invest in your future & join organizations globally that outperform their competitors

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Used by leaders like you

“This tool unleashes the power of my team”

“The MRI uncovers blindspots to customer retention and growth”

“The MRI creates employee alignment with business purpose and strategy”

“The MRI provides the framework for growth (customer) leadership that is missing from so many L&D programs”

“The MRI is a vital input to strategy that helps drive implementation”

“The MRI gives me the confidence that our people will deliver competitive advantage and growth”

“This unique tool gives me the ability to quickly identify client priorities and recommend solutions”

"Board members seeking to enhance shareholder value through customer retention are assisted in identifying organizational and management issues that affect value"

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