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The questions related to the 8 MRI disciplines provide a good base for discussion within our teams.

Beatrix Kapitany

I think a wider MRI result could confirm my personal feeling that our customer insight is at low level.

Istvan Revez

People were very happy using the MRI measurement tool. They believe it was an eye opener. Once the MRI assessment is done,..... it is easy for the Business Consultant to work with their client to develop a road map and success plan.

Al-Hasan M. Al Shaibani (Business Consultant, Saudi Arabia)

Customer culture could be measured by 8 disciplines factors and could be compared to customer culture of other organizations using the MRI. That gives us clear picture of where we are.

Jakub Sura

Using the MRI report is easier to understand where we are now, and define what we want achieve and the actions to get there.

Laszlo Sulyok

The 8 disciplines had a significant impact on how I think about leading CX change within an organization. I now have the backing of a proven data driven framework that I can champion with confidence and gain more credibility with stakeholders and customers.

Michelle Brigman

How to measure the endorsement of the customer centricity culture within my organization and being able to assess where we are standing right now versus where we want to go and the 8 Disciplines was the answer with the MRI. The MRI results have been the answer I was looking for to be able to measure and assess where am I standing now for real versus where I want to take my business, having deeper insight regarding the blind spots that require action to be able to develop myself, colleagues and business.

Dr Nour El Deen Reda

I find the MRI report a very engaging tool as it presents the starting point for any company that wants to start the journey of customer culture change.

Yasmine Effat

Based on the MRI Report and the verbatims I already know three things I want to focus on to improve our customer centricity. These are customer insight, competitor insight and strategic alignment. The MRI and the 8 disciplines within it: I found this tool incredibly useful and easy to use.

William Hamill

Now there is a tool, the MRI, that shows and measures customer culture. A tool that has already been used by successful companies, How 8 areas can show the company what they should empower and what is already good. That the whole company is involved or affected and not just the direct customer service. To find out and realize who is the customer in the company? With the evaluation of the survey, the customer service can demonstrably be changed.

By using the MRI you are able to measure the customer culture and the impact of actions that you can take in your organisation.

Although the MRI we have done has just been on a small sample, it has already given us quite a good insight of the areas we need to strengthen within our company and we are now able to plan our next steps.

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